Don't go out in the dark...



Lucy Ryder did, one wet autumn night.


She never returned.


Jack’s instincts tell him there is more to Lucy’s car crash than meets the eye. She was wearing his coat and driving his car.


Was it an accident or was it murder?


And if it was murder, who was the intended victim?

'I don't think I've ever seen so much blood'


Los Angeles, California


When LAPD Detective Sam Leroy is called to a murder scene, even he is taken aback by the ferocity and savagery of the crime.


Furthermore, there seems no motive, which means no obvious


Believing the two victims themselves hold the key to their own murder,  Leroy begins his investigations there, and before long the trail leads him to the island of Catalina, where a terrible secret has remained undiscovered for almost thirty years...




'For God's sake, look away! Just walk away!'


It began on  a Sunday. An ordinary Sunday, and a family trip to the mall.


Will |Carter takes his young daughter to the bathroom, and there he is witness to a fatal assault  on an innocent stranger.


Over the next few days, Will tries to put the experience behind him, but when he sees one of the killers outside his home, hge becomes more and more involved, soon passing the point of no return.


Becoming drawn deeper and deeper into something he does not understand, Will feels increasingly out of  his depth and is soon asking where this is going and was the victim as innocent as he first thought...

Los Angeles, California


A severed head is found beneath the Hollywood Sign.


Fresh from wrapping his previous case, LAPD Detective Sam Leroy is called to the scene. Now he is tasked with identifying the victim, and finding the rest of him.


Not necessarily in that order.


Following up on the few leads they have, Leroy and his partner, Detective Ray Quinn, find themselves unravelling a complex puzzle, one which began two thousand miles from home, and which involves sex, extortion, and ultimately murder.


While Leroy follows the trail, he is feeling himself coming to the end of a relationship, and may possibly be making decisions he might later regret.

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