"It's too late, the rain's come..."    


Young, rich, successful and attractive - Adam Williams is sitting in a bar in a small town in Florida.


That is the last anybody has seen of him.


With the local police unable to trace Adam, his brother Craig and a workmate, Ben Rook, fly out to find him.


Once there, they are drawn into a deadly cat-and-mouse game as they seek to pick up Adam's trail and discover what happened to him that night...

"I'm sorry, she died

underneath the train..."

When Tom Raymond receives a call from his ex-wife asking to meet him, he is both surprised and intrigued - maybe she wants a reconciliation?


However, his world is turned upside-down when she falls under a subway train on her way to meet him.


Refusing to accept that she jumped, Tom sets out to investigate what happened to her that evening.


Soon, he finds he must get to the truth before some very dangerous people get to him...


Originally published as


WS Cover Oct 10.3 LN Front Oct 22


At 8:40 Ruth Gibbons kisses her husband and son goodbye, and sets off for work.



At 5pm she finishes work, texts her husband 'leaving now', and begins her walk home.



At 5:40 she arrives home, kisses her husband and son, and has dinner with her family.


ws new cover jan 28 ATR Front Cover Kindle May 6

Los Angeles, late September


The hot Santa Ana winds are blowing, leaving a thin layer of dust over the city

That night, there are three mysterious, unexplained deaths.


The official view is that they are unrelated.


However, LAPD Detective Sam Leroy does not accept the official view, and decides to widen his investigation.


But he meets resistance from the most unexpected quarters and soon faces a choice: play the game, or do what he knows is the right thing to do...

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