Philip Cox

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Philip Cox was born and raised in the seaside town of Southend on Sea, which lies forty miles east of London.


After graduating from High School, he began a career in UK Banking and Financial Services, and spent the next decades working his way through the ranks, finally becoming a Branch Manager of a major UK bank.


Philip left banking after the birth of his first child to be a stay-at-home father, and it was during this time that, in between changing diapers/nappies, he began to write his first novel, ‘After the Rain’.


Now having written nine books, he is based in Hertfordshire, some twenty miles north of London, with his wife and two daughters.


During his spare time (what spare time there is between school runs and writing!), Philip enjoys indulging his interest in Model Railroading/Railways.


He is tall and slim, has a few grey hairs, and wishes he could get to the gym more often.